boar hair brush

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Boar Hair is the standard in climbing simply because of its durability and stiffness. Natural fiber brushes will out perform a synthetic brush on any given day when scrubbing down a boulder or removing the chalk or rubber off climbing holds.

We are constantly looking to improve our products, and sourcing boar hair is no exception. The black bristle XL brush is our newest boar hair brush and features a higher grade bristle than the tan boar hair brush. Through our research we have found than nearly all tan boar hair brushes are actually bleached to make them this color/minimize the animal smell. Our newest black boar hair brush has a higher grade bristle and is unbleached…making it the highest quality boar hair brush on the market.

Two ways to find out if your brush is boar hair:
- Smell your brush. Even if your bristles are bleached they will still have an oder.
- Take a match to a few bristles. Boar hair is a natural bristle and will burn like human hair (and smell like it too).