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Boar Hair Brushes

boar hair brush

Boar Hair is the standard in climbing simply because of its durability and stiffness. Natural fiber brushes will out perform a synthetic brush on any given day when scrubbing down a boulder or removing the chalk or rubber off climbing holds.

We are constantly looking to improve our products, and sourcing boar hair is no exception. The black bristle XL brush is our newest boar hair brush and features a higher grade bristle than the tan boar hair brush. Through our research we have found than nearly all tan boar hair brushes are actually bleached to make them this color/minimize the animal smell. Our newest black boar hair brush has a higher grade bristle and is unbleached…making it the highest quality boar hair brush on the market.

Two ways to find out if your brush is boar hair:
- Smell your brush. Even if your bristles are bleached they will still have an oder.
- Take a match to a few bristles. Boar hair is a natural bristle and will burn like human hair (and smell like it too).


MN Sport Climbing Guidebook Digital Copy

In 2010 with the help of the entire Willow River climbing crew, I released the “Willow River Guidebook”. It was an expression of our love for the crag…lets be honest Willow is such a small crag that its hard to justify its own guidebook. I was blown away by the response of the book that I soon set out to document the other great sport crags around with the help of my climbing partners. However, the busyness of life soon sidetracked the project as building the foundation for Escape Climbing took priority.

Much of the book is pretty far along and I want to share the work instead of letting it go to waste on my hard drive. Its January 2017 and I am picking up the last few pieces and releasing what I have for digital download. As updates come along (many to be had with Jeff’s World) I will be emailing out the most recent versions to everyone who has purchased a copy. Guidebooks are always a work in progress and I welcome feedback and corrections. Please email me at ryan@escapeclimbing. com

Current Version is 40+ pages

Areas include:

Redwing, Willow River, Necedah

Soon to come:

Jeffs World, Secrete Lake, Sandstone

$5.99 Digital Copy (use on smart phone or computer)

 Thanks for supporting the work, and please don’t hand out free versions to your friends.

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Shaping a Climbing Hold

2014 Climbing Business Journal Grip List


“The Climbing Business Journal presents the first annual Grip List.

This year we experienced an unprecedented amount of new hold companies bursting upon the scene, established companies expanding their lines and old brands coming out of retirement. A quick scan through the popular Routesetters Anonymous Facebook page will dizzy you with the number of new brands. But what holds are routesetters actually psyched about? What are they buying or would buy if they had the money? What are the most exciting hold companies right now?

We decided to find out. First, we talked with pro-setters, head setters, national setters and any setter that was so psyched about a company they emailed us to to rave about its virtues. Next, we put a call out to setters across the country to tell us what hold companies they are excited about, what they’re buying and which brands look like they have the best shot at making it in the rough and tumble world of grip making. Lastly, we went into gyms and actually got our hands wrapped around some of the holds to get a sense for how they felt.

What emerged is a list of America’s hottest holds for 2014. These are the brands that are rocking the world of indoor climbing and are giving setters sweaty palms.

Escape (Honorable Mention) – Coming straight out of Minneapolis, Escape climbing holds is trying to break into the very competitive hold market by keeping it small.  Owner and lone shaper Ryan Angelo tells us, “My goal is to have a very refined line of holds. I won’t ever have a huge selection because I retire/replace sets that I don’t like or don’t receive good reviews from routesetters.” From what setters are saying Angelo will not have to replace much. Escape has been in production for two years and as gyms seek to diversify their hold inventory setters are finding they like what Escape is adding to the mix. 2014 could be the break out year for this small but promising company.”


Behind the Scenes with Instagram


Always something new in the shop…follow us on Instagram. http://instagram.com/escapeclimbing

Tonde at the SBP

Introducing our new urethane

climbing hold plastic

Being a relevant hold company requires constant R&D when it comes to plastic. After 5 months of tweaking and testing we have switched to a new Urethane! Not only is our new mix more durable, but it is also more eco friendly. All urethane climbing holds on the market are petroleum based. Our new urethane consists of over 15% bio-based material…which simply means we are using some oil from plants instead of petroleum. We have also integrated 10% recycled material into our urethane formula. This means we are offering a urethane that is over 25% recycled/renewable resource based. We are not claiming to save the world at Escape Climbing, but the idea is to decrease our consumption of petroleum with every hold purchased.


LEED Credit for your climbing gym:
Our holds can help your facility achieve LEED credit with our 10% postconsumer material under the category ”Materials and Resources” (MR 3 Sustainable Purchasing - Facility Alterations and Additions). Your facility will need to achieve over 50% of total purchasing (by cost) as defined sustainable to secure this 1 point.  Contact ryan@escapeclimbing.com for more info.

Power Balls in the 2013 Climbing Magazine Gear Guide

climbing magazine escape climbing power ball gear review

Fine-tune your training | Escape Climbing Power Balls

The Climbing Magazine review:
Pull-ups are the standard climber’s exercise, but a plain, straight bar dosen’t do much to simulate a real climbing situation. Add the Power Balls to training regiment, and those 40 boring pull-ups might turn into four targeted and climbing-specific workouts. We tested them as a supplement to regular hangboard training, and found great results for lock-offs, slopers, pinches, open-handed exercises, and core workouts. “The repetition needed to really work my forearms usually ends up hurting my fingers, wrists or elbows, but the rotating movement of these is really friendly to all my joints. And I only need a few goes before my forearms are so pumped I can’t lift my water bottle.” one female tester said. With a slight shift in the urethane mixture of the original Power Balls, this version is even friendlier on the skin: “Super-fantastic grip without being hard on my hands.”


You can purchase the Power Balls here.


Tommy Caldwell

Making Tommy from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Routesetting at Threshold Climbing Gym

How we make rock climbing holds

Escape Climbing Holds from Escape Climbing on Vimeo.

Bouldering the great planes

Richard (co-owner at Escape Climbing) joined up with GearJunkie for a 17 hour day of bouldering and filming. Richard is part of the “Off the Map” video series. This episode follows Richard and other local Minnesota rock climbers as they crush the great planes boulders. It is a glimpse into the obscure and overlooked granite bouldering that Minnesota has to offer.

CWA Tradeshow

Escape Climbing hit the road with our rock climbing holds. After fourteen hours we just landed in Boulder Colorado for the annual Climbing Wall Association Summit.  It is a who’s who of the rock climbing gym industry where members get together to network, collaborate, and share ideas. Escape is a CWA member and is also exhibiting to show off our new line of climbing holds and get people psyched on our product.