We live to climb.

Escape Climbing intends to do two things: give you a reason to get on the wall and give you NO reason to get off the climbing wall. We aim to become the partner of choice for commercial climbing gyms and route setters through a pursuit of making stronger and more functional rock climbing holds that are comfortable, ergonomic, and aesthetic.


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Our Climbing Hold Standards

At Escape we design climbing holds with the route setters in mind. We streamline our climbing holds to have one usable surface, and no more than three usable surfaces on large features. This puts more power into the route setters’ hands, allowing them to force moves and sequences that can only be rivaled by the outdoors. Climbing gyms will see, with a set-screw in every hand hold, Escape intends to eliminate spinners and give you peace of mind during competition climbing. Having climbing holds that perform also means having climbing holds that do not polish quickly. We are committed to using 100% urethane in the construction of every climbing hold, and do NOT compromise the durability of our climbing holds by adding filler as a way to cut cost.


We believe the perfect climbing hold is not just high performing, but comfortable. Escape Holds are easy on the hands for new rock climbers, which also makes for longer climbing sessions for seasoned climbers with less skin-shred. The ergonomics of our climbing holds eliminate any pressure points no matter the size of the climbing hold or angle of the climbing wall. We want rock climbers thinking about the route and gym experience, not about pain in their hands or wrists.


Once we have a climbing hold that can perform well and is comfortable, we make it beautiful. We take pride in the texture & style of each climbing hold and the overall aesthetic that it brings to the climbing wall. Just as rock climbers are inspired by the beauty of an outdoor line, we maintain a competition level aesthetic with each climbing hold design.