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Being a relevant hold company requires constant R&D when it comes to plastic. After 5 months of tweaking and testing we have switched to a new Urethane! Not only is our new mix more durable, but it is also more eco friendly. All urethane climbing holds on the market are petroleum based. Our new urethane consists of over 15% bio-based material…which simply means we are using some oil from plants instead of petroleum. We have also integrated 10% recycled material into our urethane formula. This means we are offering a urethane that is over 25% recycled/renewable resource based. We are not claiming to save the world at Escape Climbing, but the idea is to decrease our consumption of petroleum with every hold purchased.


LEED Credit for your climbing gym:
Our holds can help your facility achieve LEED credit with our 10% postconsumer material under the category ”Materials and Resources” (MR 3 Sustainable Purchasing - Facility Alterations and Additions). Your facility will need to achieve over 50% of total purchasing (by cost) as defined sustainable to secure this 1 point.  Contact for more info.