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In 2010 with the help of the entire Willow River climbing crew, I released the “Willow River Guidebook”. It was an expression of our love for the crag…lets be honest Willow is such a small crag that its hard to justify its own guidebook. I was blown away by the response of the book that I soon set out to document the other great sport crags around with the help of my climbing partners. However, the busyness of life soon sidetracked the project as building the foundation for Escape Climbing took priority.

Much of the book is pretty far along and I want to share the work instead of letting it go to waste on my hard drive. Its January 2017 and I am picking up the last few pieces and releasing what I have for digital download. As updates come along (many to be had with Jeff’s World) I will be emailing out the most recent versions to everyone who has purchased a copy. Guidebooks are always a work in progress and I welcome feedback and corrections. Please email me at ryan@escapeclimbing. com

Current Version is 40+ pages

Areas include:

Redwing, Willow River, Necedah

Soon to come:

Jeffs World, Secrete Lake, Sandstone

$5.99 Digital Copy (use on smart phone or computer)

¬†Thanks for supporting the work, and please don’t hand out free versions to your friends.

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