A Field Guide to MN Bouldering


  • HIGH QUALITY | Written by avid local climbers to provide the first bouldering guidebook in Minnesota
  • INCLUDES | The guide contains 150+ pages with detailed maps and descriptions of routes
  • AREAS COVERED | The book covers routes in Taylors Falls, Blue Mounds, Sawmill, Swede’s Forest, and Louisville Swamp

  • Description


    Written in 2013 by psyched local climbers, A Field Guide to Minnesota Bouldering was the first Minnesota bouldering specific guidebook of its kind. With 150+ colored pages of detailed descriptions and hand-drawn maps, this guidebook provides everything you need to know to get started bouldering at Louisville Swamp, Sawmill, Swede’s Forest, Blue Mounds, and Taylor’s Falls.

    Though a newer more comprehensive volume has since been released (The MN & WI Bouldering Guidebook), A Field Guide to Minnesota Bouldering will tell you everything you need to know about the Minnesota bouldering scene, at only a fraction of the cost.