Dual Texture Sloper


  • Hold Type: Sloper/Pinch
  • Texture: Dual Texture
  • Difficulty: Intermediate-Expert
  • Number of Holds in Set: 1
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  • Description


    The Dual Texture Sloper can be either a massive pinch or a full-handed sloper (depending on your particular paw size), but the one thing it always is…is fun.

    A thin strip of dual texture runs the perimeter of the DT Sloper, giving you (the routesetter) ultimate control when forcing tenuous footwork.

    The DT Sloper’s versatility makes it shine at any angle. Whether as a solid jug on slab, or a ferocious sloper on an overhang, the DT Sloper is a routesetter’s dream. Pick one up today to find out why.


    *Holds will ship in random color unless specifically requested*