Figure-4 Volume


  • Hold Type: Volume
  • Texture: Premium Baltic Birch
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Advanced
  • T-Nuts: 24 Industrial T-Nuts
  • Number of Holds in Set: 1
  • Installation Hardware (6 screws) Included
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  • Description


    Sure, you love your wall, but is it starting to get a little boring? Have you run out of creative new routesetting ideas to add a little pizzazz to your session?

    Well, look no further than the Figure-4 Volume featuring 24 Industrial T-Nuts and large flat panels that are perfect for attaching holds of almost any size.

    Don’t be a slave to the routine, add some excitement to your wall with a volume!

    Not only does the Figure-4 pair well with other holds, it can be climbed on as a hold itself! Covered in the same special texture available on our climbing holds, the Figure-4 makes for a grippy hold that’s durable enough to withstand the abuse of foot-traffic (even in commercial climbing facilities.)

    Also, because we want your volume to lasts for years to come, each Escape volume comes equipped with our specially designed Volume Inserts which are guaranteed to protect your volume’s screw holes no matter what. (EC80601)