Unlimited Board


  • Tall: 6”
  • Wide: 23.5”
  • Hold Type: Hangboard
  • Texture: Premium Baltic Birch
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate
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  • Description


    Prepare to experience limitless possibilities with the Unlimited Board. Crafted from premium Baltic Birch, the Unlimited Board’s simplified design gives you the freedom to train how you want.

    This hangboard doesn’t tell you where to mono and where to crimp. Instead, it trusts you to decide where you want to grab it for maximum efficiency and enjoyment.

    Want to train narrow or shoulder width apart? The power is in your hands and the options are limitless.

    The top of board is 2 pads deep (2nd knuckle), while the next rungs are 1.5 finger pads deep, then 1 full pad, and then, finally, only a ½ pad.